What can I do to have as many buyers as possible for my theme?

I have a website HTML-only, which I made in 2012 for my uncle’s business free of charge.
However, in 2015 he closed the business and no longer needs the website. So, since I spent so much time on the theme and it looks already good enough to be sold, I have decided to sell it in themeforest.

Howerver, this will be my first theme, and I would like to know what to do to make it appeal larger clients.

Time is no issue, I only want to sell it when I feel like it is perfect.

So, my question is, aside from the design choice, what do profitable themes have in common these days? What can I do, or make it with so it can be among the best selling themes out there?


It depends on the file but generally:

  • versatility so people can image/utilize it for different sites

  • don’t go over the top with features and options that don’t naturally fit

  • functional elements that fit the style e.g. if it’s a restaurant then they need multiple menu styles, reservation forms but don’t need pricing tables or service boxes etc.

It seems like if the site was originally created in 2012 that it may need some substantial upgrades to both design and code to bring it up the standard for here.

You may benefit from sharing a working demo link and getting more applicable feedback

thanks, these are all great points. I will keep those in mind and ask for comments