What can I do for my template to be accepted on themeforest


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It’s good designs, I think that you need better spacing. (remember to size same top and bottom section for example “latest news”, etc) for more sure approved themeforest but you can download any images in freepik. You need different images section “Our robot team” need different images.-

You need add different questions for section faq.

good luck.

I think it can be approved.

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For the spacing can you explain further.
It was hard rejected🥲

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It was hard rejected

Yes :frowning:

Have you ever been hard rejected

With respect there’s not a lot fundamentally wrong but there’s nothing premium or unique making a hard reject understandable

  • There’s a lot of avoidable validation issues in the code (immediate rejection)

  • The expanding accordion for work doesn’t link to anything

  • Generally the typographic styling could be improved

  • There is a small number of overlapping buttons and text on mobile

  • I’d include a light version and more variations of home pages etc, work item pages, etc

  • inconsistent typography and styling on the blog pages on mobile

  • copy paste team members feels unfinished

It’s an ok start but will need a lot of evolving esp. is hard rejected if you want to build upon it

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