What can i change to get approved on themeforest !

My WordPres theme item was hard rejected.
I need feedback from expert.
Demo link https://www.webfletcher.com/wordpress/

Hi, I had a thorough look at your item. Many things need improvement in order to be approved.
Starting from the homepage: for some reason there is music playing, but no option to control that. For most people it’s very annoying when websites do that, and I am sure the reviewers have taken “points off” for that.
The main navigation needs improvement, specially the dropdowns. You need to fix the active, focus and hover states.

There is a lack of consistency in the design and layout of the pages. Your page headers are also not consistent.
Some of the pages are missing content.
The layout in places is broken - too much white space in the middle of the page for no reason.
The typography needs improvements - try and make your main headings more distinguished from the “lead” paragraph text, etc.
The footer’s layout is also broken and feels to me that the footer itself lacks content. In general in your demo you need to show variations of the components - header menu, footer with widgets like navigation, gallery let’s say, etc. After all the purpose of a WP theme is to be customized to fit the needs of the end user.
The responsiveness of your item also needs improvements - again the layout is broken in several places when viewed on a smaller screen.

So my suggestion to you is: focus on improving the design and layout first, then make sure that from technical point everything is working - no empty pages, no broken layouts on mobile, etc. and then try to submit your item.

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Thanks a lot for reviewing my work.
It’s my first Wordpress theme, so can you please give me some advices and tricks for a good Wordpress theme developer process .

The standards for WP themes nowadays are pretty high, but WordPress Theme General Requirements
is always a good starting point as for the requirements.

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