What budget do i need to make cool site

Hi guys! I was wondering, how much money it will take me to create a project from the beginning. My goal is to finish it in 4 months, as cheapest as possible, and locking well. Was searching this information on the internet but didn’t found the information I was needed. A friend of mine has his own web development company (keenethics.com), I was disgusting this theme with him, and I am just curious if it possible to find some cheaper variants. Thanks in advance, cheers!

It’s a slightly ambiguous question with endless considerations.

  • what does the site need to look like?

  • what does it need to do?

  • what platform do you want to use?

  • can you start with a template or need an entirely custom design and build?

  • do you want to work with a freelancer or an agency?

  • is this for personal use or to resell?

Depending on these and more questions it could be anything from a few hundred $ to tens of thousands


Suppose I will need a help of some kind of agency, to design, create, promote. This project is for personal use. It will look like small internet magazine on the beginning. Nothing really special or extraordinary.

Feel free to contact I’d be happy to help you.
I’m running an agency - I can help you on both design and development part

( Part of my team is from/living in Kyiv )

References can be found at Studio