What browsers themes should support ?

Hi, I was testing my template in ie7-wxp and it was a mess, but when I tested a recent approved html template it was a disaster !!
so we are not required to support ie7 or what !!
What MIN browsers themes should support ?

under this search at TF (Templates & Themes with Compatible Browsers: ie7) I tested the first resault and also it was a disaster !! could it be a problem with my IE ??

IE9 + is the current minimum requirement, but if you do IE8+ is a great feature.

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thanks, I got it
another question : i want to change one or two css rules for IE (px values) … should i create a separate file or what !! how i should handle that ?

add another css file and use a condition to choose the IE version - http://www.quirksmode.org/css/condcom.html

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