What AudioJungle licence would I need for a Video Game, distributed on steam?

Can I use music bought in audio jungle for a paid video game project that would be on steam for sale

Hey @Oblit1509,

You can indeed, with an extended licence :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your help!

I’m really sorry to bug ya’, I’m not sure where else to turn for an answer–I’m sure I’m must stupidly overlooking something, but how the heck did you post your question to the forum? I’m not seeing any option to, or directions on how to.

Just go to the category you want to post your question and click in create a new topic on the top right of the list

I know this is an old topic, but this is incorrect. There is no extended license for music.

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I was wondering this myself. When I talked with the support team, they said for a free game that had been sponsored that I don’t need an extended license, but for a game you charge money to play, you would. So, it depends on how you monetize the game. Like if you get paid for adds on YouTube and it’s just a free YouTube video, you shouldn’t need an extended license.

Well, in this case, support doesn’t know what they’re talking about!!

This is ridiculous, support may want to familiarize themselves with their license terms. What a joke.

If you are talking about music, then there is no extended license, period.

If you are talking about SFX, then there is indeed an extended license, but it has nothing to do with whether the end product is being sold or not. The extended license in this case, means you can reuse the SFX in an unlimited number of end products, instead of just one with the standard license.

The level of carelessness shown by Envato support when it comes to Audiojungle is disturbing. Maybe a training would do some good.

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Well this was before the update where they diversified their licenses, but their principal should be the same. If you don’t actually sell or broadcast something, then the standard license should suffice, even if it’s for commercial purposes.

Oh, alright then. I thought theirs was a recent answer.

Currently, the licensing system for music or SFX doesn’t take into account whether an end product is free or being sold.

For games, it’s all about the number of downloads. Below 10 000 the standard license is fine, over 10 000 the mechanical reproduction license is needed.

There’s a loophole though: what if someone merely downloads a platform, or client, through which the game is playable for free and not downloaded, like league of legends (aka the most played game in the world)?

Audio jungle has no authority to charge a client for merely using a platform that happens to contain free graphic entertainment as it neither sub-licenses nor sells/downloads the purchased content, beyond paying for the standard license. The only downside to this is you would need a big enough project for making your own platform to be an economically rational decision.

So, been reading through this and I’m still a little confused. My situation is I want to release a game app that involves advertisements and perhaps an in-app purchase to remove those ads, however it would otherwise be free to download and play.
Now I would want to cover my bases and not be limited as to how many downloads would be available for my game, even if more than 10,000 users is being quite ambitious.
If I wanted to use an AudioJungle track as the music for the game would I need to get the Music Mass Production license? Or would the Music Standard License suffice?

Standard license if less than 10 000 downloads.
Mass Reproduction if more than 10 000 downloads.

Thanks, I appreciate it!