What are your best cinematic trailer music authors here on AJ?

Hi, I wonder which authors in cinematic/trailer category are the best here for you guys. Personally I love SkyProductions and MartijndeBont, they are my inspiration and absolutely love their stuff.


Same here, hard to find someone better than SkyProductions and MartijndeBont. But there is indeed some very cool stuff hidden in the core of AJ, i personally did find few authors (sadly forget to save their links) with outstanding songs quality, around 20-30 items and almost no sales. I think they did abandon AJ obviously cause of lack of a sales.


Exactly, I saw some promising artists in those categories as well and I forgot to add them to my collection. I don’t think they would abandon AJ, one thing you need is a little luck, to be noticed by Videohive authors which then will use some of your tracks in their movies. I had this luck before and now my 2 items sells well, but I really fight for more, because I have more than 30 tracks in my portfolio. I thought about deleting the tracks with no sales and start over with superb productions but I really struggle to find the mood that I found in my 2 best items. However I’m still trying, my new production is great in my opinion and is already in queue.

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No question how superb SkyProductions and MartijndeBont are. You should also check out RobertSlump. Excellent Cinematic Trailer content.

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Sky productions, BCrutchfield and martijdebont ware and remains my favorites :wink:

Never delete old songs, even top authors here got some old not so well songs. Panda once said well about deleting old items, he thought about deleting some old items, but left them and after that one was purchased with max license about 250bucks, so he never thought about delete one again. :smiley:

Hard to top those two. Pure brilliance <3

The two you named, @Sky-Productions, @MartijndeBont, plus @RobertSlump, were my instant choices when I saw the post title and before I even read the first post. I’m surprised they offer music on a site with rates this low.

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I love @RobertSlump. Bit of a personal favourite. #epiccinematicdubstep.

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@Sky-Productions and @Allegro120 making great tracks! Very inspiring!
Please check also my portfolio for cinematic trailers. Let me know if you like my tracks.

I love @Allegro120 … very nice in epics: big drums, very balanced… and strings worked hard… really nice and inspiring!
I think @Sky-Productions is a true BEAST giving epic energy! :open_mouth: I’m really impressed!

There’s a lot to be said for having 21,781 sales with only 46 tracks. That destroys the idea that you have to crank out tunes like a machine and keep them all in the library for eternity. It much more about quality and not repeating yourself.

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Wow thanks @matthewcoxy! Much appreciated and good to hear… cheers!

absolutely true!
It’s a matter of learning constantly and go beyond, again and again!

Hey guys,

All the authors mentioned are great! Thanks for including me with them :slight_smile: However, I’m not one of the best on AJ! I have soooo far to go in terms of musicianship, production, mixing etc. I’m just glad I get to do what I love and I want to remain faithful to Audiojungle because of how much AJ means to me. I remember where I was when I got my first sale on AJ…I was checking my phone in the parking lot after an Accounting class…I think it was 2011. That was the very first time I made money with music and the feeling was indescriblable. I get emotional thinking about it. It meant the world too me, and I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about. Audiojungle gave me so much hope that I could maybe do what I love in this life.

I’m scoring my first low budget feature film right now and holy crap it has been a ton of work. But I’m learning a lot and loving it! I will be finishing up in a week, and am very excited to get back to uploading to AJ!


Really like your tracks! Good luck!

Thanks Sky for reply on this topic, you are my personal inspiration. :wink:

Thank you very much for your very flattering words. These kinds of things are what make me keep fighting in AJ. :slight_smile:

Again, thank you very much.