What are you listening to right now?



R.I.P. Pete Shelley :frowning:


some good vodka, some girls, maybe some white path hehehe

and cherry pie !


And there I was thinking real music was dead.


R.I.P Pete shelley



I love this one… very inspiring to me


I´ve been all day singing this in my head. :heart:


A classic!


A day like this, Frank Sinatra was born.


i like this song.


Bye Britain, you’ve been great. At some point.


Great song!!


Fine! I have never heard of this before! I like it!


@Manriquedelara Listen to this one! :wink: I think your taste and you will like it! :wink:



The roofs of houses tremble under the weight of days
The shepherd of heaven feeds the clouds
The city shoots at night with a fraction of lights
But the night is stronger, its power is great.
Those who go to bed -
.Sleep well.
Good night.
(2 times)Those who go to bed -
Sleep well.
Good night.
I was waiting for this time, and now this time has come,
Those who remained silent ceased to be silent.
Those who have nothing to wait sit in the saddle,
They do not catch up, do not catch up.
(2 times)Those who go to bed
Sleep well.
Good night.
The neighbors are coming, they hear the sound of hooves,
They interfere with sleep, disturb their sleep.
Those who have nothing to wait go
Those who are saved, those who are saved.
Those who go to bed -
Sleep well.
Good night.

Specially found for you @Manriquedelara and translated. :blush::wink:


I like it, i will search more tomorrow morning, and about the band history.
Thanks!!! :heart:

About that kind of voices, you know what?
Last year i recorded an EP with some ideas that i had, and asked to a friend of mine if he wanted to sing it.
(I´m really BAD singing :joy: )
He got a deep voice, like Kino.

If you got 4:13 minutes free, here is one of those songs.

Updated; I am reading that the singer died in a car collision in 1990. :frowning:




The music from the first birdhouse project from Tony Hawk is amazing. :heart: