What are you listening to right now?


Good night, mates.


Sorry if I repeat myself)
The best version. It’s a shame that bad quality…


Here is our example of a great drive: Non Neutral - Fire in My Hands. Good listening:

Who liked the track,click like :wink: if not difficult of course)




And if you’re not convinced yet then check this out:



why many peoples listen old music ?
new music is better !


This track sounds like Sting and Police.


Hahaha Nice try, troll. :joy:




Stop spamming.



And the second one sounds a bit like Walking in Memphis. Not a bad thing if you ask me. :slight_smile:


The only Walking in Memphis i know is the song of Marc Cohn.
And that song remembers me Bruce Springsteen, i don´t know why.


Maybe because of his jacket.


I wanted to link one Iron Maiden song, i was listening them this morning but i couldnt choose just one, so i decided choose one from the first LP i bought from them.
I hope you enjoy them like i do.


A bit too “modern” for my taste, but the chorus is just such an earworm…


When i hear bands like this, i always think they are plastic, artificial. I, personally, don´t like it.

And about the title of the track, there was a band, that i like.


If you have watched “High Fidelity” you know what i’m looking down. :slight_smile:

Their Three Ep´s are great.