What are you listening to right now?

From an old album in a new version.
( The Leprechaun 1976).

Do the guys like music? :wink:

Why can’t people learn to live in harmony? :sleepy:

This is an interesting tune!

Oh yeeeeeeees, this is a Great Group!

Some months ago i recorded a Lp with two friends, just for fun;

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This, dancing like fools with my 2yr old. Kim Deal, love u. It’s friday!!!


:heart: :heart:

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What I believed was Lo-Fi until Lo-Fi turned into mainstream Hi-Fi.

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YES. Totally agree.

Some days ago i traveled to watch these guys on a concert;
They are on tour with the 40th anniversary of their fabolous “Days of wine and roses”.

The work of Jason Victor with guitar´s feedbacks are amazing.
I think @WormwoodMusic will appreciate it. :smiley:

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I am currently listening “The HardKiss”