What are you currently working on for 2017?

A new year a new product! I’m interested to know what my fellow CC authors are working on in 2017. I recently decided to work full time on Envato so my output of products and updates this year will be totally different to what it was last year.

How many of you are working on a new product/update? And what is it? How long have you been developing it and how long do you expect it to take before it’s ready for submission?



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I’ve also decided to work on my products full time! Good luck to you sir.

Since December I’ve been busy with Tick Counter (a followup product for Soon). I am nearly ready for release. It will feature greatly improved flexibility, better animations, scheduling and much much more.

Useful for building countdowns, counters, progress indicators. So if you’re building and Admin dashboard, Coming soon template or donations page this might be of interest.

Some preview shots:




If you you’re interested in this kinda stuff. I post regular product updates on Twitter (http://twitter.com/pqina_) and on Dribbble (https://dribbble.com/rikschennink).


Those look great! I think you’ll have a lot of success with them :slight_smile:

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Hope so! What are you cooking up? :slight_smile:

I am currently working on a Status Checker for sites. It allows you to post status updates about whether your site is having issues or problems and allows users to subscribe to update notifications. It’s got a few other features too and I’m planning on padding it out a bit more since it hasn’t taken me very long at all to finish my first draft of it (less than a week).

Sounds nice! Is it in the form of a WordPress plugin?

Hi pqina,

Nope it’s a standalone application. I envision the customer would put the application on a separate server to their main site and then use it to give their own users updates if something goes wrong.

I dabbled in WordPress plugins a while back and would like to get back into it. I’m just not sure what I’d create as I feel there are so many WordPress plugins that have been covered haha.

Working on some big projects (Top Secret) lol :wink:

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Hah :smiley:

But nice that it’s standalone, makes sense!

Curious for what others are building this year :slight_smile:


Just finished my first product of 2017 and now working on a new update for one of my existing products whilst Envato review it- wish me luck!

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