What are the useful things for Print Template Design?


Hello friends!

What are the useful things for Print Template Design? Any ideas, tips or suggestion.


hi buddy what do u mean to prepare files for GR? or do u mean really for printing?


yes prepare files for GR.


in this case the best avdice that i can give u is just to follow attentively envato’s instructions, that’s enough preparation wise … if u do normally u go through , i mean if they identify your job as being good enough for sale


Thanks for the replied @n2n44 but I need more explains.

I mean I would like to know how to make flyers, magazines or brochures in Adobe inDesign or Illustrator? What is the best size of documents for all these 3 print template including bleeds and screen mode? etc, Is there any best tutorials available step by step?

I know available tutorials can be found from Envato Tuts+, but I need more tutorials before preparing my items on GR.

I’ll be appreciate if you provide tutorials or tips and ideas links.


hi, well for the perfect size if u ever get to know which one is the best , then pls let me know lol, now it also depends on which kind of flyer or whatever u want to create … if u create a party flyer, , unless u are a sick illustrator, then i don’t know why you would create it with illustrator … . Indesign, for me is not necessary … some guys really like it and find all kind of crazy explanations on why you should use it instead of other applications but for me that’s not the best , photoshop is as most of your customers will have photoshop and not necessarily all the other applications indeed

for the blend guideline,s whatever u create u need it , it has to 0.3 cm all around the finished size on the document and u need a safety zone in the concerned document in which u put no text or whatever , this is the safety zone …

one of the tip that i may give u is to work with black color 30/30/30/100 or 40/40/40/100 as they are enabling the black color to dry more quickly when printed. U should also beware of dark blue colors, and check that your magenta color is at least having a discrepancy with cyan, u need 30% more cyan than magenta to make sure that u do not get violet instead of dark blue …

when u are exporting the finished document, if u want to make sure that fonts appear as well as in indesign, without using it (because unless what some guys u don’t have to use it) , u need to select PDF-X-1a option and when u do u’ll so no difference in the way typo are printed