What are the stages in soft rejection?

Just Want To Know About The Stages Of Soft Rejection. Example First They Will Look Into Design And Then Into Coding And Then What? Demo Import? Just I Want To Know That When Will They Accept My Product?

when you will fix all issues focused by the reviewer. your theme should be error free to get approve. be patience and try to fix all issues. Thanks

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The reviewer first he reported five points and then 3 and then 3 and again 5. Uploaded just now.
When will this end?

Just my personal opinion: if reviewer give a big list of issues then author can be mentally unsatisfy and can get worry to fix all of the big list of issues. So, part by part small isuues will help author to fix issues easily and mentally will feel happy to know only few issues have to fix. Also reviewer can review step by step. as I mentioned your theme should be error free to get approve.

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Theme approved