What are the quality standards of Envato?

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Can someone please tell me what are the standards for quality at Envato regarding professional plugins (beisdes the vague definition of the help docs)?

I’m not angry, not even bothered that my plugin was rejected…I am, however, curious how it was rejected in a few hours (after days of waiting) by this reason. The plugin was previously submited to 2 of the largest pro platforms for word press, and it passed all the tests - and believe me they are ruthless when it comes to quality, responsiveness, and full functioning. Nothing is missed. No error is allowed. And whatever you make must fit and work perfectly even in a small mobile phone.

So, Envato’s reason does not make any sense.

What is then the misterious quality standard?

Just saying…

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What’s the item demo URL?

You cannot sell the same item at ThemeForest with Exclusive Author option. It’s against of the rules


Yes, I’m aware. Thus, I chose the option for non-exclusivety for both.

Here’s the info in my account: "Your account is set up as: A Non-Exclusive Envato Author "

It’s ok ki-themes. No problem, really. Thanks for the help.

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Your website is not working by the way

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Yes it is. Maybe it was a temporary down time. But thanks for letting me know.

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