What are the predicted trends for 2020 on AudioJungle?

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Recently there was a post in our dashboards about new sale campaign (http://bit.ly/2SUJkwu) and in that post @BenLeong wrote some selection criterias for items, one of them was: “Be a new item that follows current or predicted trends for 2020”.

So I wonder what are these predicted trends for 2020? Where can I and other authors find the information about this? I am addressing this question to @BenLeong and everybody who knows if there any research on this topic or a link to read, thank you.

Hi @az_studio!
Here’s the link: Audio trends


Thank you, @SineBricks, cool :sunglasses:
It’s interesting, if it is a a one-man specialist’s assumption based on his observations or this view is supported by sales statistics and numbers trends?
I suggest to sent here in this topic any other materials on this topic if there are.
Would be very interesting to see for example year-by-year statistics of sales in particular genres, I think it could be very helpful.

I think they are experts and know what’s really trending, so you can just trust them)

Hi @az_studio! When we publish trends articles, those generally involve a combination of inputs from the Envato Market Specialists, Senior Reviewers, our own sales data, and monitoring of broader industry trends.

Great suggestion to provide more info on sales movement from year to year - I’ll pass that on to the other teams :slight_smile:

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Hi @BenLeong and thank you for the respond! It’s very nice you liked the idea, if it is possible to share this info with us - then I think a lot of us already can’t wait to see it! Very exciting! :smiley:

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Very Interesting :shushing_face:

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