What are the Plugin Requirements for Libraries?

I built my first plugin and I’m using a few libraries like NoUISlider for sliders and Plyr for displaying sounds.

Does the code of these libraries need to follow Envato Plugin requirement standards as well?

Does that mean I should take these libraries and start validating them in JSHint , or start building Tables of Contents for CSS files? That seems borderline-crazy

What’s the right approach here?


Tell us more about your product? How it works and what you want to achieve

Third party dependencies aren’t thoroughly reviewed, but you should make sure you’re using fairly trustworthy libraries and that you’ve done your fair share to ensure security.

Of course, you also need to make sure that all third party dependencies have licenses or permission to allow use in your commercial plugin. Usually, dependencies will have their licenses in a comment at the top of their files, or a license file within them (i.e. license.txt). For the sake of your customers as well as the review process, you should make sure each dependency has a clear license.


Thank you so much baileyherbert,
That’s really very helpful and what I was looking for. Appreciate your time

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