What are the options for printing content?

I am absolutely new to Envato Elements. I am a photographer who is in the early phase of developing marketing content for my business. I want to start first with developing a business card. I have found a photography business card template I like and understand the related licensing requirement. My question is related to “printing the final product”…the business card. After I purchase the template (which I understand will allow me to use Adobe Photoshop), what are my options to print the final product? I have a printer, but to produce 100-500 business cards will be timely. What do big time customers do? Can the file be taken to a printing company? Do you have associations with companies that provide printing services that customers can use? I’m trying to keep my wits as I understand the printing aspects. I am somewhat surprised Envato does not have a segment of the website dedicated to Content Production, or have I missed it somewhere. Please advise.

Given the global scale of envato - responsibility for printing will sit with you.

Any online or offline printers should be able to take the edited design and print it for you.

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Thanks Charlie!

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