What are the mistakes we commit while doing SEO?

There are a few mistakes we can make while performing SEO for a website.
Some of them are

  1. Not building internal links.
  2. Not aligning content with search intent.
  3. Ignoring technical SEO.
  4. Expecting overnight results.
  5. Creating backlinks in low domain authority websites
  6. Not creating a canonical tag for the webpages
  7. Keyword stuffing in the meta description
  8. Spamming while creating backlinks

What are the other mistakes you do while performing SEO?

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Here is the list of the few mistakes we commit while doing SEO:

  1. Create wrong content
  2. Unsatisfied keyword research
  3. Approach the wrong audience
  4. Traditional SEO techniques
  5. Bad quality links
  6. Ignoring conversion optimization
  7. Not investing in a mobile-friendly website
  8. Unclear SEO objectives
  9. Copied content
  10. Skipping title tags, meta description

Yes, mistakes matter a lot and affect the optimization of a website.

Not using the traditional tactics of SEO.
Not updating self and website.
copied content.

You can do a lot of mistakes while doing SEO but the biggest one is to have no strategy and system in your actions. Any activity (link-building, tags optimization, using outdated content, ignoring mobile devices adaptation etc) should be step-by-step one and always checked according to the current situation with Search Console. Keyword research should be your must.
Otherwise, you won’t see the profit for your rankings.