What are the differences between, 'for teams' and 'for enterprise' pricing..?

I am willing to join and pay for the Envato Elements, but I can’t find a big difference between these two. Our company consists of 5 people including me. So should I just go for ‘for Teams’ one? or if I buy ‘enterprise’ one, Is there any better features that I can use,? And one more thing, what exactly is ‘tailored solutions and indemnity’ in ‘enterprise’ feature refers to? does any one know…?

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The biggest differences between the two are the pricing and available features
The Enterprise license will eventually expire and at that point the Enterprise features will be disabled and Enterprise related settings cannot be adjusted. I’m not aware of other problems that will be caused.

I think you should go for Teams. Teams is for up to 5 members. When you have more than 5 members you should go for enterprise. The only difference in Enterprise is the dedicated account management , the increased indemnification and tailored solutions. But I guess it will cost more because you will have to pay for at least 6 members then.

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If you’re just looking for additional seats to cover a company of 5 people, the Teams plan is likely to be the best for you. That covers things like shared downloads across the team, and you can scale up or down as needed.

The tailored solutions mentioned in Enterprise plans covers any custom features that extend beyond simply adding new seats. For example, some clients need specific item licensing that falls outside of a standard Elements license, while others may want additional indemnity coverage for content they use. There’s no standard product list for Enterprise plans, as those are negotiated based on customer needs.