What are the current pricing tiers on AudioJungle?

I know this question has come up before - I did some searching and found references here and there (like this breakdown in the old forum which is now out of date).

Just wondering what the current track length/item price breakdowns are. I’ve tried searching by track lengths and price ranges and found so many discrepancies. I guess these are generally the result of the price increases that have taken place over time since AJ’s early days. But it makes it hard to know the ‘official’ current length (ranges) vs price points - which can be useful when finishing off tracks or editing versions etc.

So anyone know exactly? Or if there is a link to this somewhere in AJ support?

Thanks junglers!

still remained…
From 2 min and more: $19
From 1 min to 1:59: $15
From 0:30 to 0:59: $12
From 0:20 to 0:29: $9
Less than 19 sec: $7

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Great! I wasn’t sure cause some items didn’t seem to fit with those breakdowns/

Much appreciated Progressence!

hi it would be great to have fix standards like this everywhere , i mean in every category