What Are The Best Months To Upload New Tracks ?

I just uploaded 3 new tracks this past week and all I hear is the sound of “CRICKETS” ! lol
Now, the tracks could be JUNK but I thought I’d have better Analytics than what I have so
far. Not complaining at all !! Very grateful for Audio Jungle and I know that’s the way it
goes sometimes. But I was wondering what months would be best to upload new material.
Best of luck to all you Audio Junglers ! Cheers! Wes

Hey, where’s tracks?

Thanks Mikhail !

Last month is always the best month to upload! Yes, sales may be better in certain months compared to others, but the way I see it… sales are guaranteed to be zero if it’s not on the site. People can’t buy it if it’s not available for sale!

The sound of crickets probably relates to the Christmas and New Year period. Sales should start to normalise from next week. In theory!

Any month is best depends on item quality and luck. Cheers ! :slight_smile:

Yes! I concur. It’s always about the “writing”, the “track”. lol Just hard to accept that

sometimes your work isn’t good enough to cut through the clutter of so many great

tracks being released so fast and fluid. So, I appreciate your comment and I will use

is as FUEL to go back to work in the studio and write something better ! It’s the climb

that gets you to the top of the mountain. The man on the mountain didn’t fall there !

Thanks for the pithy comment. Said a lot in just a short sentence. well done !!




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