What are the benefits to being a elite author?

I know when you reach $75,000 in sales on ThemeForest you become an elite author, but having seen some of the community threads it seems there are a few more advantages to this status other than the 70% profit.

As I’m not completely aware of these would you mind pointing the other perks out to me, please?

Here you go: http://elite.envato.com

That doesn’t really highlight the benefits, unfortunately.

I’ve heard that elite authors can skip theme updated review process and that they can have more than up to five items in the review process instead of one.

This is the sort of thing I’m really wanting to find out more about and if there anything else I’m missing.

Hi Elliott! These are the major ones:

Google Analytics data is the first direct benefit, which all Elite authors unlock as soon as they hit the $75k milestone.

Upload limits: More detail on these is available in Matt’s post here, but from a TF perspective it lets you have up to five Wordpress themes in the review queue at once.

Express review queue: Originally introduced as our $2M Elite reward, this is currently available to all Power Elite ($1M+) authors. You can read a bit more about the reasons for introducing this here.

Automatic approval of item updates: This one is definitely NOT Elite-specific, as it’s automatically assigned (or revoked) based on quality-related criteria determined by our Content Operations team. Not all people with access to this feature are Elites, and not all Elites have access to it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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and you should notice that 70% profit is no longer mentioned as one of the benefit of Elite here due to fixed fee policy Envato has been applying here, it may be variant (lower at most of the time).