What are Item Points? Why did it changed?

Hi everyone.

I used to check the item points to plan properly my creations. Now I can’t see them anymore.
Did it changed? Why the Elements team removed the spreadsheet with the items descriptions?

Graphics - 1
Graphic Templates - 5
Motion / Video templates - 7



Very, very interesting…
I will keep eyes on this.

Maybe this is the reason for low earnings? @BenLeong what’s going on? Some of us actually rely on elements earnings :confused:


Hi all. Points are still used to apply different weightings to content types, but the values have not been changed - they were removed from that Help Centre article as part of other work to streamline some of our support content.

I’m quite surprised to hear that anyone was regularly checking that page, as it received very low traffic, and I don’t think we’ve changed any of the specific item points since each content type was first added to Elements.

The general principle is still to provide a higher weighting to more complex items, to ensure a fair distribution of revenue between authors of different content types.

If you frequently referred to them, I’d be interested in learning more about this.

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Hi @BenLeong

Of course, this page is checked. It kept me from entering Elements for years. But now that GR is dead, there’s no other choice.

Aside from the fact that the scoring system is very unfair (How do YOU determine what is complex? For example: if I write an action or create a Photoshop plugin, it is certainly as complex as a Powerpoint or a mockup. An action or a plugin gets 1 (one!) point. This is complex unfair.), it is now also being removed to make the system even more confusing and unclear.

Keep going.



That page was important to me, it helped me a lot and I would love to go back to that page and spreadsheet with item points many other times.

Can you please put it back live? And make your points system CLEAR.

I also like to invite new friends designers to join the Elements and Im not able to explain well to them how the points works. Last week I was showing it to a friend and could not find the item system points anymore.

There is NO REASON TO HIDE IT. Definitely there is no reason. Can you or your team put it back and keep TRANSPARENCY for us, designers?



Any news @BenLeong ?