What are Free Royalty Free Music Tracks if they cost $12-$19?

During a Google search, I found this link https://audiojungle.net/tags/free as I was looking for a short music track for a show opener. Obviously, I followed the link and eventually filtered the choices to those that were relevant. But oddly, none of the music tracks were listed as $0, yet they were all results of the ‘Free’ tag.

I have no issue with paying for someone’s time and talent (I like to earn money from my work too). But what does it mean to be “Free” if not free?? Is it designed to be click-bait? I would hope not. Does anyone have an explanation for this? I’m seriously confused. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There are no free music on Audiojungle, except for the Free File of the Month. Audiojungle music is never advertised as free.

The tag “free” attached to these tracks most likely is related to “feel free”, “care-free”, “freedom”,…

Hope it clears things out :slight_smile:


I’m going to start naming all my tracks like this!

careFREE Inspirational Music
beFREE Emotional Piano Track

he he jk of course

You must have searched for free music for that link to have come up… and while you were probably hoping for music that had no cost, you’ve also been presented with options that contain music relating to the word free. Just like if you had searched for space videos then links would have come up relating to videos on space.

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