What are a code licence and author ID verification?

Welcome to everyone,

I am a new developer here and I don’t know a lot of things my projects always got hard rejected and I don’t know why.

I have some questions to ask.

  • Is author ID verification important to be done before uploading the first item?
  • What is a code licence and is it important to put the licence file in the main file?
  • The documentation file is for giving information about the project or for telling the user how to customize the project or both of them
  • can I do the documentation file as video preview + HTML page to make the item high percentage to be approved
  • should I use common length is screenshots or as I want

Hi, @Availablecoder

  1. As a new author, you will be required to complete an Author ID check to verify your identity when your first item is approved for sale. You will be unable to earn or publish your items until you have successfully completed your ID check and verified your account. You can read more about this process here: Author ID Checks – Envato Author Help Center

  2. As an author, you don’t have to generate/include a license code for customers in your items. That will be generated automatically by Envato systems and it will be included in the .zip file that the users will download from their Downloads area.

  3. The documentation file is primarly used to help customers use your item (installation note, usage, FAQ, demo data, things like these, everything that the buyer needs to use your item). For certain types of items, some notes about customizations will definitely help the buyer.

  4. Of course you can! A video guide will always help better, some users prefer video documentation, while others prefer to read the documentation.

  5. Regarding screenshots, here is a guide about them: Item Presentation Requirements – Envato Author Help Center And something else that may help you is this short article showing what assets you can include in your item: Item Presentation Requirements – Envato Author Help Center.

Good luck with your project and all the best!


thx for your explanation I will keep this in mind

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