What am I buying?

Hi designers!

I am new at this part of Elements and was looking for a certain design.
But when I visit a result of my search, I do not see any samples.

I see a nice picture and good information about what am buying, but what am I buying? I would like to see a sheet with the elements on it so I can decide if it is what I am looking for.
Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, I really don’t know.

Can anybody tell me more about this?

Thanks in advance!



envato elements is a subscription base service where you can download unlimited items and no need to buy any item from elements.

In your provided link you can see just a preview image and description there. If you download then you will get full package in your download. to download anything you must have to subscribe first.


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Ah, it is on subscription base, that is what I totaly missed since I bought loose items elsewhere on Elements. Thank you so much, going to subscibe!