what all I can do once I purchase PSD?

I am looking for a PSD

Hi @dhanishmedia! What are you specifically looking for? In the meantime, I’ll move your post to our “Looking for” section. Provide some more info what you need and one of our community members may be able to assist you! :slight_smile:

You can convert your psd to html,css or make a wordpress theme or any other theme depending on your skills.PSD is nothing but all pages in photoshop format.This is the initial stage for your development.

Once I converted that, can I upload that here in themeforest?

Not without the express permission and agreement with the original author

If we spend around 10$ to buy that, Why we need permission from the author? Can you please enplane…

Because you are only buying a license to use it - you don’t own the copyright on the file.

Some authors will just give permission to covert it. Some will want a fee, % of sales etc.

If you do it without permission it will probably not get accepted in the first place and if it does then it will get removed as soon as the original author sees it and you could risk bigger trouble.

Thank you… :slight_smile: