What about Rate? Portfolio items to sales?

Sometimes i get rejects randomly on my opinion but i want to talk about another point of view. What I want to say: Some big portfolio monsters have 4563768 items and has “high sales”. That is obvious to have a lot of sales wits this kinda of spam portfolio with a rate of 0.3 (items to sales). I dont want to say that top masters here create bad content. I am talking about small creative artists that do top content rarerely but have 200-1000 items in portfolio and have 2.0+ rate items to sales ratio!!! isnt it not fair that not skilled reviewers accept items from those monsters by default but rejecting top notch items from real creative artists? Sometimes top notch products could be rejected? that customers are so waiting for?
Dont you think to teach revievewrs a lil bit more to understand trends and what is really is expensive?
I am not talking about me, just an obvious observation from a stock creator that hve years in cinematography, cgi, and composing etc…
I wish stocks to check more carefully sales to item count ration, when rejecting. Thank you please.