What about multiple composers registered on BMI

I am with a band called Winter Crescent and we are going to upload our tunes on AudioJungle. I wanted to ask how is it possible to add three composers in a same tune ( two have 33.3% and one 33.4)! We just add all three names and their IPI ?

Only one person can open AJ account.

That person can upload a song which has few composers. Just filli in composer field in the upload track page with data of all of them. One aftee another.

Nice , Thanks ! And should I write the percentage of the ownership ?


Thanks a million for clarifying everything!!!

Uh, Yes you should display percentage of ownership on audio jungle!

writer 1 33.3%
Writer 2 33.3%
writer 3 33.3%

pub 1 33.3%

If a customer licenses a track for broadcast usage, you need to communicate to them who owns the song. i.e. “interested parties” Show PRO affiliation, writer and publisher names, ipi #'s.

DISPLAY ALL PRO INFORMATION AND NEVER ASSUME ANYONE will hunt for that information on your behalf! In fact, assume they WILL NOT seek that information. Be as thorogh as possible every time!

Thank you SteelSound for taking the time and reply! Ok I will write that in the song description just to be sure but should I also write it in the Composer Section inside AudioJungle’s Update Description & Price page of the song ?

I have been searching a bit but all descriptions are with only one name, never found a band or a multicomposers song here

Thank you in advance for your reply

All rights holders and “interested parties” should be listed. List and Display EVERYTHING!!! for every song.

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Thanks ! I will make put all details if my band’s song started get accepted !

I’ve seen two composers in the composer field on AJ. It’s rare but it happens.

There’s no point displaying the percentages in my opinion, as it is the PRO(s) who distributes the royalties between the composers and publishers.

I have to disagree. Never make assumptions. Display rights ownership exactly as it is, verbatim, with 100% clarity and accuracy. Do not take any shortcuts ever. You all would be shocked at how many track titles get reported to the PRS where the publisher and interested party is listed as “Audio Jungle” or “Envato”. This happens because some buyers here may assume Envato is a publisher when they are simply a hosing platform for musicians to sell their intellectual property.

I don’t see how displaying the percentages would make a difference. More information isn’t always better. It can potentially cause more confusion and would serve no purpose in this case. Again, in my opinion.