What about Demo Not Found Items ?

Hi @scottwills @KingDog I Just spent 15 to 20 minutes to find demo not found items on only one sub category
Surprisingly i found 5+ items thats not working live preview.

Is Envato have any automated report tool that’s reports demo not found items ? If yes maybe thats tool is not working.
if not you have to find all of demo (live preview) not found items and soft disable it.

Hope you understand.

i am not going to say anything more about it cause i am not so good @english :wink:

Hi @Muse_Master. Please report any broken links via a Help ticket. It may also be quicker/beneficial to contact the author directly too to let them know as they will be able to fix the links themselves. Many thanks!

Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile: i’ll try.

but really envato doesn’t have automated tool to check and report demo (live preview) not found items ?