What a Wonderful World :)



Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say that I’m honored and humbled to have received the new “Featured Author of the Week” badge. :slight_smile:

A HUGE thank you to the Envato team, as well as all of the authors that have been an inspiration and a source of learning and growing for me as a musician.

A little backstory on me for those who are interested:

My name is Joel, and I found Audiojungle a few years back while looking for music for a video project (I’m a professional video editor by day :wink: ). At that point, I had about 10 years experience writing background music for various videos I’d been the editor on (kid shows, corporate videos, commercials, and educational/science documentaries)…as well as just for myself as a hobby. For some reason, I had never thought about trying my hand at writing stock music, but when I found AJ - it seemed…different.

I loved that I could “BRAND” myself with a logo and profile page…as opposed to just being a name in a list. And after I had my first mild “hit” on the site, I was hooked. Some time later, I was lucky enough to have a featured item! And I graced the weekly top seller list for a few months. Life was great :wink:

Since then, I’ve had my share of mild hits here…but it’s still my goal to get back to that page. I’ve recently passed the HUGE milestone of 2000 sales, as well as becoming a Level 6 Author! But I have been quite busy with video editing work lately, so I haven’t been writing as much music as I’d like; but I’ll be back at it soon…and I’ll get there :slight_smile:

And most recently - on March 11th of this year - I married the love of my life, and most amazing woman in this world.

Life is great. What a Wonderful World :smiley:

Thanks again to Envato, our customers, and fellow authors for having a place to earn money doing something that I love.

Joel (Blue X Music)


Inspiring story, thanks for sharing Joel! Congratulations on getting married, you guys make a beautiful couple :sunglasses::champagne:


Hey Joel! It is wonderful to hear great stories like your own :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on the feature :tada: And most certainly, congratulations to you and your wife :wine_glass:


Very nice story. thank you for sharing, @bluexmusic! Wish you more and more sales! And of course congratulations on getting married!:tada:


Congratulation man :slight_smile: :tada:


Congratulations! Be happy!



Congratulations :slight_smile: :cocktail::champagne:


Cool story! Nice of you to share


@bluexmusic Wow great, Congratulations :tada:




Congratulations, bro!:boom:


I am shocked by your story!Yes, I agree that life is wonderful!My most sincere congratulations!!!:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:




Congrats… @bluexmusic …!!! :slight_smile: