What a RUIN...

I have just got hard reject frequently.
Yesterday I rejected King RestaurantHTML Email. See the below link
The Design was approved. See below link

Now I have just got rejected my Graphic River design. The design link below

Now please compare my below two design. Accepted and reject design.
Reject design

Accept Design

Please fair judge and think my title.

Note: HUH… I am really hard work to serve my family but I don’t know where is their problem? I am relly hopeless. Sorry if I hurt someone.

Moderator removed my approved PSD Email Template link. However, it is their market they can do anything.
Someone tell me how to deactivate the account?

[MOD: Removed] As per the TOS we all agreed to please do not call out other items, authors or files. https://forums.envato.com/tos

Thanks for review and thanks for Envato community response. Thanks, Moderator.

Hi there!

If you feel that your item has been rejected for no reason(even if this is a hard rejection) I suggest you to contact the Envato Help Team by describing your situation.


Dear Theme SLR,
Nice to meet you. I really need your fair judgment. Would please help me? My previous design and new design. Which is good?

Thanks for you link.