We've pretty much stopped buying because of the remove frame on CodeCanyon items

Hello all,

As a long time CC/TF member with more than 10K in purchases I feel it prudent to stop by and let you know how the remove frame button has affected our purchasing.

We primarily purchase in the PHP Scripts section of CodeCanyon and in the process of evaluating a potential purchase there are some things we look for.

Until this recent “experiment” we would task a team member with finding us some solutions to a client problem and have a spreadsheet that contains our parameters.

Some of those parameters are url structure, query string usage, human readability.

It’s important for us to know if the urls are /members/profile/username or member.php?id=1234

With the iFrame we’re not able to see that at a glance and without the remove frame button we are left to have to go retrieve the url to the frame from the source code and open it that way.

So removing the button has not stopped us from going to the demo directly, rather it has implemented another step that just leads to us wondering why there are barriers being put in place to prevent us from evaluating the product?

By keeping it in the frame are you intentionally trying to mask poorer quality products?

Could you bring back that button on CodeCanyon php scripts category?

The URL tells you a lot about how an application is written and without being able to see the source code before buying we’re already gambling more than we’d like.

Thanks for taking this into consideration.