We're removing Envato Credits from Market


this maybe a good idea, though is it realistic , i assume that people buy when they need , not wait until they have additional things to buy or buy something else without they need it …


hi but try to think about it , this is penalizing authors when authors did not ask for this indeed, besides some are complaining about it , too, sometimes because they are buyers too and sometimes because they guessed the impact that it would be felt on sales … and , this way, this is not really useful to contact authors to let them know why , u would not buy as they are likely to understand without it


It’s probably too early to see a real sales impact yet. Best to watch carefully and compare against last years sales. Lots of Holidays coming up too so sales tend to decline this time of year.

I’m preparing for losses though as should other authors. I’ve evaluated my portfolio and I think I may be losing some money being exclusive with the items I have here… I believe I may go non exclusive. We’ll see. We might not be able to change any minds but we can certainly leave or diminish our presence just like the customers.


These are not bots randomly joining the forum. These are real people, with real high quality honest feedback, delivered at your doorstep Envato.

I do believe you. I as well do think very carefully about my ideas when I´m making a music track. However 9 out of 10 times, my carefully thought out ideas are bad or average. My point is that you really can´t know how great an idea is before you have executed the idea and have had some external feedback. Your idea at this time, is very bad to start with and also very badly executed since to this day no customers are informed in a proper way.

@jamesgiroux I kindly ask you to do something I would call an unavoidable intervention with the rest of the Envato office. Something obviously has to be done here.

On the bright side you have the last weeks collected some very valuable feedback from customers how the transaction fees makes a very bad last impression of the shopping experience. I really think this is much more about psychology than economy as well. It´s a bit like placing a stone in your customers shoe before they leave. It´s very unnecessary and awkward.

And don´t make the assumption that this bad psychological last impression does not count for the majority of customers that uses credit cards etc. Because it surely must do. Just because this is not an uncommon practice in many online shops, does not mean it´s a smart fit for Envato and all the different marketplaces and items.

So please I ask you kindly again to act in this matter sooner than later. I understand this is not a decision you can make alone, but you need to make whoever you are communicating with take all of this feedback seriously. The “elephant in the forum” is to big to be ignored and it´s growing every day.


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the reply by jamesgiroux representing Envato, is a non reply.

Yes, Envato, we hear you LOUD AND CLEAR.

The message is that we don’t matter. Our opinions don’t matter. Well, alright then.

As a customer I was always happy to pay any cost for the items I purchased not just because I need

them, but because by doing so Im supporting some person, probably a freelancer, who has put in the

time and the effort to make something worth buying.

There will be other ways to do this. Envato is only profitable because of the creatives and because of the customers.

So - you know what to do.

I won’t be shopping there but you’ll find me happily purchasing from other markets.


thank u for what u said about authors, i assume that all of us should thank you for these warm words towards the whole of us - when all the people do not necessarily realize all what authors are going through - who put some much efforts in what we do :slight_smile:


It a shame you dont think about credit system. Im in marketing department and this is great for controlling and free use to my team. Its was very easy to add credits and thats it. Now is a big problem. STOP AND THINK.
I will go to another place. Sorry i was very happy.

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Try not to feel degraded by how they are treating authors. Authors are the only reason they ever made any money. People still need your work. Just try to find another way.


Your decision is a disaster for me. My sales instantly stopped.
Now i have to focus on different markets to sell my work.


It’s not good… And going to leave envato to other service.

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thank u for the great message that u address to all authors, once again we should all appreciate it much, as all our time spent, efforts made and so on are rewarded by such a compliment. indeed , for me, this is sad that there is not a more actual partnership between envato and authors, if people were a bit more consulted and that their opinions could influence decisions, i tend to believe that some of them would be more profitable for all, including buyers … some decisions were felt as bad in the past , sometimes a lot of guys were complaining about it but they were not able to change decisions that were made and we can see all sorts of reactions as a result of all this


Well, the feedback from authors seems to be 99% negative.

In our production company it’s not possible to run every 1$ purchase through our manager (who holds the funds). This means that we have to use alternative marketplaces more often in the future. I really don’t see how this could be a win-win situation, neither for a customer or for an author (and I’m both).

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Customers already leaving. I can see that. I never had 2 days without a sales in the middle of the week. I hope sanity will prevail in this situation…


As much as I tried to stay out of this in hopes that things would move along on topic, it’s clear, things are going off the rails really quick. Therefore, I will be deleting, without any notice, any off-topic comment that is not related to the “We’re removing Envato Credits from the Market”, or any comment that is inappropriate or flaming an already sensitive subject.

I mean no disrespect by this action, on the contrary, the voices of authors and buyers alike must be heard, but keep it on topic! Cheers everyone! :slight_smile:


Does anyone know any payment gateway like Adyen or Braintree where does a credit system exist? I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that Envato is trying to automate its markets as much as possible and therefore Envato wants to transfer all payment functions to some payment platform, as Uber or Airbnb does. Maybe Envato already did it, I don’t know.

If this assumption is true, then, guys, we need to look at which payment gateways have a credit system. (I personally do not know about this). If there are no such payment gateways, then we will not get the credit system to the markets, at least in the near future.

I also dare to suggest that these $2 commissions are not PayPal or Skrill fees, but it is a fee for service of a payment company (payment gateway). Thus, we are unlikely to receive any payment method that will not have a commission or until Envato or authors take this commission into their expenses.

I hope I’m wrong and everything I wrote above is just my delusion and eventually, the solution will be found.

@jamesgiroux , if this is not classified information, can you confirm or deny this?


No company want to lose their clients whether they are too short in numbers.
Dear Envato, we both know how much we want each other. i’m really new here and from day first i see chaos in this forum. lets just end this up and bring back the system that worked for so long.

how about charging $2-3 for every $100 credit deposit? :thinking:


I’m still pissed off at this.


For what it’s worth, I’m looking at my sales #'s and they are currently exactly the same as last month at this point (43 sales). I also haven’t seen any sales with credits in the last 20 sales. Additionally, it does seem like I’m seeing more Paypal purchases. Last thing, I haven’t uploaded new items since June, so that’s one variable that may be different for me than others.

While I continue to disagree with the change in that it forces customers to pay an unavoidable fee - I’ll continue providing any data I’ve got.


It’s such a sad thing to hear all these voices both from costumers and authors trying to revert what’s probably the worst and most arbitrary decission Envato has taken in years remain absolutely unheard.

CONSPIRANOID MODE ON: It’s so senseless that sometimes I feel like they are just trying to shut down the single license markets and focus all their business model in the greedy and exploitative Elements system. CONSPIRANOID MODE OFF.


Just my luck that I’d join this site right when this gets dropped. Doesn’t look very good for the company :frowning: I hope “the customer is always right” argument can carry some weight here and Envato stop getting carried away by what seems like a selfish greed driven move. Mark my words Envato, if you ignore the cries of your customers, people WILL go elsewhere and you’ll be forgot about within 5 years. I’ll stick exclusive with you for a few more months but if this type of bad decision making continues I’m going non exclusive.