We're removing Envato Credits from Market

That or it could be that the US had a few major holidays this month, the previous month, and the next month. Plus the dollar stock market crashed I think 1 week ago and again last month. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s going on with the US market. Just wanted to share these thoughts with you guys! :slight_smile:


But the point is that this is not the first time we are into these months as being an author here. US market crash should not affect that much and these holidays are for every year but the sales decline from US is at all time low since I am working here

Oh boy and how much it actually does. A bit of research will tell you a lot about this. Everyone is affected when then $ gets shot. In any case, as I said. It could be that, or a numerous bunch of other factors. Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

Yes sure but certainly not this Envato credit removal. Right?

that’s right, you can easily see the story. Just some want to turn you around and say that maybe this is something else.

Please do read everything, and not just in between the lines! :slight_smile:

I am sorry! So you too do believe this is affecting the sales. Correct?

No worries mate, as for my opinion, to be honest, I can’t say anything for sure, only speculate, therefore, I can’t have an opinion. There are tons of factor to take into account when sales drop, and though this thread has over 600 replies, there are @ 135 users out of @ 5.000.000 on the market and well over @ 60.000 authors. I have no stats on this for the entire market. All I can say regarding sales are that there are numerous factors to take into consideration, as mentioned earlier, including this one, but I wouldn’t call it a definitive factor in sale drops. “Could Be The Cause” and “Actually Is The Cause” are two different things, and I literally have no marketplace statistics for all authors and buyers on overall sales and purchases, so I can’t say anything on the matter.

Could be but wasn’t. What happened last week was a correction; the market was artificially high, and still is. What happened in 2008 was significant enough to affect other areas of the economy. So were 2001 and 1987. Last week’s drop was nothing and would have no effect on sales.

Sometimes sales are just slow. It happens.


Fair enough, but these situations scare off investors, currencies plumits, companies hold to their cash, etc etc etc. Everything is interconnected ( Insert Matrix “woah” Moment)

Yeap. My point exactly. It happened in the past, it will happen in the future. A lot of factors, too many to list! :slight_smile:

The issue here is that it seems that there’s always an excuse for low sales, last months was because it was summer, now they have thanksgiving, halloween, and next is gonna be christmas/new year. Also, one of the “perks” Envato mentioned when moving to the US and the tax announcement was that there was gonna be an increase of US buyers due to new and easier payment methods, but that never came, and we’re still losing 30% on each US sale.

What we think the other authors mean, is that Envato keeps adding factors to lower author’s sales, they should be decreasing them, not the other way around…! :wink:


I’m pissed. I just bought a product, turned back around to purchase another, thought hard about it and didn’t buy. This model will surely lose you money. I’m not giving $2 every time I decide to purchase an item from your store. Time to start shopping elsewhere. This is the stupidest model I’ve since 1994.


It’s showing for me in the cart, but as there is no way to funds via paypal/card, only authors will be able to use it

Would it be okay to contact the Author of the product I would to purchase and explain to them why I’m not going to buy their product? They definitely have a right to know, don’t they?
Maybe they’d join in on this topic?


I have bought more than 50 items from envato. But now I have to pay 2$ for every check out process…

This music for you envato: Time to say goodbye. ( it is free )


Well… Since Envato decided to continue with that fees, I have made up my mind that I will no longer be using Envato to get stuff unless the item is only available in Envato… but even that, I will contact the authors who sell items exclusively in Envato and ask them to release their products in other marketplaces so I don’t have to pay for the extra fees if possible…


sales are gone ;(


By the way I’m a buyer more than 50 items… Skrill and paypal can not be able to use in Turkey. it’s close for all transaction. So I can not adjust my credit balance. On the other hand, I’m trying to still understand, Why ı have to pay handling fee for every transaction.

is it worth to lose for all these consumer??

good job envato… I’m going to collect my all staff then looking new market place…

Enjoy your own farm


this maybe a good idea, though is it realistic , i assume that people buy when they need , not wait until they have additional things to buy or buy something else without they need it …

hi but try to think about it , this is penalizing authors when authors did not ask for this indeed, besides some are complaining about it , too, sometimes because they are buyers too and sometimes because they guessed the impact that it would be felt on sales … and , this way, this is not really useful to contact authors to let them know why , u would not buy as they are likely to understand without it