We're removing Envato Credits from Market

I agree with your opinion

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I don’t think this is a good move, Envato. I would like to know the reason for this.
I’ve read a lot of clients who are disappointed with this decision.


Hello @Enabled do you know if the system that runs the credits for buyers isn’t it the same that runs for authors? Apparently the system was just disabled for adding credits not for using them so the system is still on.

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Hey mate! Unfortunately, I have no knowledge about the financial system of the marketplaces. As I know from a previous post in this thread, authors did report that they can still make payments using their own earnings. :slight_smile:

I agree with you and don’t see where it can benefits Envato Market just because cuting the costs or/and complications for maintaining the credits system.

Instead of removing the credits system and annoying both buyers and authors to the point of leaving Envato (and lose money by losing customers) isn’t it better to cover those costs by promoting the credit system and getting more customers to use it?

The credit system like customers said in this thread makes their work a lot easier in several ways so why not to take advantage of that to promote that system?



@Enabled I’m glad you are also trying make things better and solve things out and this is great.
I saw your post about a possible solution by adding a coupon system and I agree. Hope it will be possible.

Please can you take voice for another possible solution if you agree with it of course.

As we see the earnings for authors are working so authors can use their own earnings to shop. @anon76595093 thank you to remind that author earnings can be used to shop just helps me bring this possible solution.

The possible solution I see is to allow customers to add a product to their account called “CREDITS” or “COUPON” and they can buy that product by the price they setup and filling up their account with author earnings.

This way they can use author earnings to shop and put an end to all this problem.

Looking foward to see what you think and I’m very positive.

Note: The system I propose does not need to be exactly as I describe. Just making possible for customers to add funds to their account as authors earnings so they can shop.


Ive read many replies from unhappy customers and i think it explains my almost 50% sales drop. As well as many other authors noticed a huge drop in their earnings. If it was a vast majority of those who uses other pay method than Envato Credit, as you said, the drop wouldnt be so huge. I may be wrong but this conclusion is quite obvious. I`m really disappointed. Please rethink your decision about Envato Credits.


Could this whole thing about removing credits, handling fees and buyer/author fees be about tax avoidance? Just a thought…but I am no expert on that.

Envato already charge fees and percentage cuts and now want to add handling fees as mandatory. It looks really greedy even if that isn’t the intention (I am not the one doing the accounting).

My individual item sales have dive bombed…thankfully I just reorganised my packs and they are bringing in something…this might well be related to the removal of credits and mandatory handling fees.

Elements for AJ could hit authors between the eyes again as it rolls out.

I’ve loved AJ/Envato since I started a few years back. It brings in a bit of extra money for me and allows me to be creative and write music I might not have done otherwise, that then finds uses…which is great. I have however stopped uploading new material because I am concerned about these issues…Elements in particular (which the removal of credits seems a push towards)…I don’t want my work sold too cheaply…it is already good value.

Anyway, I am sounding like a broken record…and nobody upstairs seems to want to change their mind so this thread feels pointless. I think they are making a big mistake…but I hope I am wrong.


October is always a great month to me, but since the removal of the credits system my sales have dropped by 60 percent! I just can’t understand decisions like that and it seems they are hurting customer’s trust in our beloved platform…
What is Envato doing to win those customers back or reassure it’s authors that the ship isn’t sinking?! And why are top authors so silent? Guess the rich folks deck on Titanic is still drowning in caviar and champagne…


We are many who sound like broken records here… though I would argue ignoring upset authors and customers is really what´s pointless in the long run.


I am wondering what amount will an affiliate sale will get now since the credit option is now removed? For Envato info I am not sure if your new system if working as I have got no action for this whole month so no payment :frowning:

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Very disappointed with this decision. I personally liked very much to add credits (usually USD100) and used until finished to credit again. Then was easy to request to my company my expenses. Now I will have to fill a lot more expenses, more detailed, very annoying.

This will definitely affect the way I buy here.

I hope Envato think twice about this wrong decision (under my point of view) allowing to add credit as used to be.



Hi Envato,

I have read through most of this thread (depressing stuff). For certain months, up to a third of my clients used the credit system and seeing all the disappointed customers here, I can safely guess that the removing of it will impact my small business in the near future…

Plus, the new 1$ added to each transaction doesn’t seem fair. Sound effects sellers are the ones who are impacted the most by this new thing, for example:

1$ added to a 1$ sound, doubles the price, so it’s crazy. (Most of my SFX are now at 3$ to 5$, but a dollar on top is still a lot).

ADP was a great move (I make more $$$ and you also does), but I think this new development will be detrimental to many sound effects sellers and by ricochet, to your business. Seeing so many customers joining the forum only to say they will leave this place in a hurry and go buy elsewhere in the future should turn on a red light, no?

I hope you will revise the situation and find a better solution.



I am really impressed by how envato rolls out critical changes. 650 comments and only 2 replies from staff. And nothing specific. Why don’t you just explain in a few words why this change was necessary? If it’s a business change, just tell us that you want to reduce tax load, we’ll understand that. If it’s a technical challenge, tell us that it’s too expensive to afford etc etc.


After I did a bit of researching online if found that some countries see coupons as credits, so still a form of holding money for goods. As I said in the past and this is not an official statement I have no idea why the credit system was removed, if it’s a technical or legal or business thing, I don’t really know, but I honestly doubt that Envato plans to shoot themselves in the leg with this. Envato is a business and they have to take multi international things into account when making changes like this one.

Until then, all we can do is move forward guys. I really don’t know what else to say on this matter. I’m a moderator, I keep things clean around here, but from a legal / business perspective, I’m just an author that doesn’t have experience in running a multi-million multi-national company. So my advice and solutions are just as good as yours.

That being said, I’ve exhausted my ideas, I’ve put the ones I had here as feedback as have you guys and if they are possible or staff haven’t thought of them, I’m sure they’ll be taken into account as well as yours, but until then, I’m off this thread. I’ll be keeping my eyes on it to keep it clean and on topic, but I’m out of ideas, haha!

Cheers guys! Keep it clean! Keep it professional.


@Enabled what about this possible solution I gave. It uses the system we authors still use to buy in Envato.

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It’s basically the same thing as the previously removed system mate, still requires accounting, still requires a dedicated team, in the end it’s still money from their pocket/card going onto Envato, weather a credit or an “uploaded fund” it’s still the same deal mate… In any case, time will tell what feedback gets applied and how things move forward! I’m off guys! Please keep it clean, constructive and stay creative! :slight_smile:

@Enabled How is the same system as credits? The system i’m talking about is the one that allows authors to purchase using their earnings and that system is active.
If that system is active for authors to shop why not allow customers to use it?

Basically this could work just by allowing customers to add an item to their account called “CREDITS” (similar as we author add a Music track) and then they purchase their own item receiving this way author earning and using it to buy items.

This way customers will use an already working system.

US Sales is at all time low only 27% of my total sales this month which used to be around 40-50%. not sure if is related to this change, maybe US buyers using the credit system in majority?


Same here, I noticed a drop in US sales this month. Could be related.