We're removing Envato Credits from Market

Imo it comes down to greed, Envato want more money for doing less, hence the handling fees on transactions. No other site that I use forces a “handling fee”, they pay the merchant fees out of the money they make from my purchase.

Paypal’s standard fees are 4.4% + handling fee (for international payments), Envato would pay 44c + the small fee. So for every $10 spent, on average this will cost Envato 74c give or take a few cents each way, depending on the currency…

Envato, stop being greedy, you will be losing a lot more than you are saving, almost every other business puts their costs into their price instead of forcing these costs on to their customers. If you need to make more money, raise the prices by a 10%, but stop forcing buyers to pay “handling charges” as it really annoys people.


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Unfortunately this is the recipe for chaos and confusion, unless you price all your items $75+ ( Shop cart size $75 and up is where the handling fee disappears)

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I don’t price my items $75+, that’s the point. I’m trying to say that we need to adopt to this new reality, but how? Any Ideas? I think I’ll wait for a while and see what’ll happen. But maybe I’l be forced to «change my maketing strategy». What would you expect when dealing with huge media corporation? They do what they see fit, and you are free to go away. A little pissimistic note)

Envato, do you remember Nokia, I am not an expert marketing personnel. But you dont intentionally or stubbornly take the position of our product is way better, so the customers will stay.

As rightly said by one of the mods up there, “Those who will buy will definitely buy”, but the question is, will they be buying here on Envato or somewhere that wont surcharge them the additional 2$ per every micro transaction?

I know for a fact how hard it is to change boardroom decisions once they are made and agreed upon by management, and its possible that all this cry wont go anywhere, meaning…people are by now checking out alternatives…bummer! I hope theres a better agreement reached after a consensus of unspoken understandings based on mutual trust and respect between Envato, Authors and Buyers.

I for sure will shop here if I find an item that is not for sale on any other site, thereby forcing me to buy here. But if I can find same item at another place and for a lesser price, or same price but I wont have to pay the $2, guess which one I am choosing?

I end by saying I hope you do what you think is best for Envato, civilisations rise and fall, so we will be here to celebrate with you and sing good bye if we have to. You get my support eitherway.

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Ofcourse I still use a Nokia, but its on android :slight_smile:


We can also reverse the question, what can you expect when customers and authors show increasing frustration towards a huge media corporation. Should that corporation, however huge, listen to the hurting feet (authors and customers) that brings their business forward? Eventually the headache will reach them (if not already) and they would be wise to listen and adapt to authors not to mention customers. Their 2 greatest values, why would they ignore us week after week? We´ll see, but hope is not lost before you decide to loose it.

It is simply unacceptable to charge a forced $1 fee for a $1 item. This obviously has to change.


I hope for the better, but I prefer to be ready for the worst.:smiley:

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I still can’t believe they haven’t sent out an E-mail. Customers are still only finding out about this by having to visit the forums. I’m waiting to see where this is going to go but I’m not feeling great about associating with this.


You already are! They charge a “buyer” fee that is included in the price of items that the arthor does not see/get.
" 1. Buyer fee : This is the fee for the buyer services you get from Envato."
SO now there is this extra charge all of us who used credits have to pay now too :confused:

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They should honestly bring down that price to at least $20 if they are going to keep the handling fee

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Please back that decision. This is not good. because my sales are too bad last 2 days. Please this is wrong decision. Thank you


I want to hear the authors’ suggestions

I have been an Envato user for 2 years and my company makes nearly $500 - $700 worth of purchases a year from it (usually music or AE templates), however, this change is ridiculous. Taking away a way for users to pay without a fee is unacceptable.

I will be purchasing my last item from envato today since I was already working with the watermarked version and need to replace it, but we will be taking our business elsewhere after this.


We purchase large $500-$700 batches of credit every few months and use Audiojungle for just about every video we make. Unfortunately because of this change and the way we process our billing (we are charged administrative fees by our contracted third-party company for every purchase), we are physically unable to continue using Audiojungle and will have to find an alternative. Please consider reversing this decision, because Audiojungle has always had the best selection of music that fit our needs.


@jmblock22, @avs56, Don’t forget about this new term. If you order over 75$ in one go, you’re fee free! :slight_smile:

  • If your order is less than $10 the handling fee is $1
  • If your order is between $10 - $75 the handling fee is $2
  • If your order is above $75 there is no handling fee
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Why? Does it cost them more to handle orders above $10?!


I don’t know that mate, but based on what both jmblock22 and avs56 stated they seem to be spending an amount that may see them not having to pay a fee, therefore, they might still stay knowing this fact? Just trying to help guys… :slight_smile:

payment providers charge a percentage of the transaction, not a set cost, as per my previous post Paypal starts at 4.4% but goes down the more you spend with them. Envato will be paying a lot less (imo).

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It shouldn’t / probably doesn’t. It’s not obvious what the justification is.

What is obvious, is that Envato is passing along the cost of doing business to their customers… right in their face! If you have to cover cost of doing business, at least do it in a smart way that customers aren’t going to leave your platform altogether when they see it!

There is no way everyone is on board with these decisions internally over there… I have only been around a couple years but this is the only time I’ve seen an entire thread more or less completely agree including both authors and customers!


My thoughts exactly, imagine how many in the Envato staff that also disagrees with these actions.