We're removing Envato Credits from Market


They are changing from: As of 2nd October you will no longer be able to add new credits to your Envato Market account,


Today is 2nd October and I don’t see any more “Add Credits option in the header” (when I go mouse over on my username in top-right corner) but I have paid with my earnings

Ok, maybe it will stop work by end of the day.


they’re not going to remove the 2$ fee guys come on. is all about elements and promoting big quantity at a fix monthly fee the small occasional purchases are not profitable as elements apparently.They want the people who were actually using graphicriver or other markets to move to elements


Of course they will. With Envato Credits gone, they cannot legally justify the surcharge. If they keep it, they’d most likely be breaking the law.


What about the new Affiliate system with Impact where we only get commission for “Credit Added”?

You have silently changed the terms and now we don’t get any money?


I think you comment in this post about new affiliate program launch right here: New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀

Hope they will help you well.


I didn’t say “silently changed the affiliate system” but “terms” :wink:


Hi esxcuse me but I have a singular question as novice here on envato… what cn I get with envato credits ? I see I own about 93$ on credits, but wich items can I get with them abd where ?


I can’t see the point of the surcharge on card payments if there is no option of buying credits. Even if it’s a cost that Evanto will have to absorb I very much hope it goes as I can’t imagine anything more annoying and off putting for a customer than to discover that they have to pay a surcharge on top of the initially displayed price and there’s no way of avoiding it.

The other point is I would be surprised if the cost of the payment transaction for Envato is as high as $2 per purchase (although happy to be corrected on this point).


Yes this looks really fishy


wondering why isn’t anyone from envato respoding to authors comments/question?


I think, you should remove extra $2 fee, too.


They’re all tucked up in bed getting their beauty sleep.


@jamesgiroux will there be posibility to pay for item with author earnings?


Sure it’s really bad decision for buyers.
I don’t understand why I have to pay extra $2 for each payment because of this unacceptable changes.


Is there a way to extend support for terms longer than 6 mos then, or a way to add multiple renewals to a transaction?

I am a long-time credit user and very disappointed with this change. I means a lot more fees and a lot more paperwork to deal with for business clients.


Removing the credit system is a shame. The way billing works with my company, it looks as if I’ll no longer be using Envato after my credits expire. Bummer.


Would be lovely to get rid of it, otherwise, there will be massive sales drops from customers that used credits…


I concur.

AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

I literally have $200 I was going to spend today on credits, but because of your poorly-thought out policy, I will go elsewhere. Bummer. I have been a long-time user, particularly because I can get my accounting department to just make a once-in-a-while big deposit and then spend it down on an as-needed basis.

This change means lots of ticky-tacky invoices, for just a few bucks each, that will not fly with my company. I hope you come to your senses and change it back. Otherwise, I’m out.