we're getting older : ))

can the review time be shorter… it’s like waiting for death :grin:

As a lot of time i have said, there was a time when the queued was 33 days, so… :wink:


We’re getting older anyway :smiley:

i don’t know those times. i think I would go crazy :joy:

the speed of aging is growing while we wait :disappointed_relieved::joy:

Those days when the tracks were approved i didnt remember what i had been uploaded, i needed to listen the tracks to remember. :joy:


at least you didn’t forget the existence of this place. :grinning:

I’ve been uploading here long enough that I can remember uploading a track in early January and having it approved six hours later.


you’re the luckiest writer of envato, then :blush:

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I remember those days too, i thought there must a problem about it. Approved in hours¿?! :joy:

the second lucky person :blush:

Hours? Wow. Last year i saw approval in 6 days. :smiley: And it was on February. :hushed:

I think that’s what I thought at the time, too. :rofl:

I have read that it once was over 3 months, at P5. By comparison, 14 days? Eh, not too bad.

Ps: I don’t remember if it was for photo, video or audio, but still… that’s a hell of a waiting time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yes, the waiting time of this place is shorter than the other side…

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P.S. To not break the community guidelines, i can’t write some things about waiting and time, for me time right now matters damn a lot. And yeah it’s boring, yeah you can’t make it faster, but that’s the way it is. So just don’t waste time waiting - write, create, explore new things - give a new breath to this community, share your thoughts and experience. Cause so far as I see, many great authors, many of whom become my friends on forum started to be inactive, comparing to the times year or a bit more back.