We're creating a list of the best paired AudioJungle and VideoHive items on Envato Market. Nominate your items!

Hi AJ and VH authors!

At the end of July, we are going to be running a Marketing Campaign that focuses on the power of matching Audio with Video, and we want your help!

Note: This is part 2 of our “AJ and VH pairings” campaign. For the Email Discount Promotion, check over here.

We’re looking for AudioJungle and VideoHive authors to partner up and show us files that pair with each other! Show us how music and motion graphics can blend together and wow and audience. As an example for what we’re looking for, look how well @Music_Today80’s
Item “Energetic Stomp Clap” blends with @LevMotion’s “Rhythmic Opener” template.

Our favourite pairings will be featured in an Envato Blog Article and promoted as part of our upcoming marketing campaign.

How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of your favourite pairings on AudioJungle/ VideoHive that work perfectly together.

  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.

  • Each of the two items you share must be created by a different author (so no two items from the same author, please).

  • You MUST write a description of what you like about each of the pairings in your list (minimum of two sentences per item, please!), why does the music work well with the video template?

  • One entry per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best pairings!

  • Posts that do not follow the requirements and/or only seek to self-promote will be removed.

  • Like someone else’s recommendations? Give it a “like” and support your fellow community members!


Football Opener by XIMIA: https://videohive.net/item/football-opener/16950953
Sports News by KR_Music: https://audiojungle.net/item/sports-news/12667087

Reason: Football Opener usable project for TV-broadcast or Sports Show, good work (in my opinion) with Sports News music, created special for Sports broadcast too. So I guess it is good paired items.

Hey guys, here are two of my favorites:

The first is one of my items:

Music by @StockSounds

“This is one of those cases where sound and style complement each other. The upbeat music makes the promo feel more dynamic. It fits perfectly with the template design and at the same time conveys a cheerful experience.”

The second video was created by @Wayman

Music by @Sky-Productions

A good audio and video combination doesn’t just mean matching the animation to the beat. This template shows how choosing the right music can emphasis the mood and the message of your video. The ultimate goal of our medium is to communicate emotions, and this combination does so perfectly.

Hey @framestore, thanks a lot for the nominate and your kind words! I much appreciate it!

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Sports Opener by honypix


Action Sport Rock Trailer was written special for such videos as Sports Opener. Driving, powerful, punchy music and great action sports movie!

here are two of your favorite pairings:

Music by @StockSounds

Energetic rhythmic track sets the pace for the video and holds the attention of the audience!
Percussion and drum add a lot of energy to this composition!


One of the most popular trends today - stomp typography video + fresh hip-hop track in Boom-Bap style!
It’s all you need to create your own energetic summer slideshow!

Big drums and crispy claps of ''Energy Percussive Logo" inspired me to create something dynamic and fast modern video art. And I think this two works is one of those items, where video design and sound fits perfectly together.

Urban track perfectly describes and reveals the plot of the city, stylish and modern life. Elegant, trendy and inspiring tandem of audio and video product.
This combination,time stops.In my opinion a great combination of video and audio!

First one:

Reson: I love the way this video is following music dynamic and stomps, synchronization is amazing! Also this project has big legibility so it’s quite flexible in editing text.


Reason: Great “transcription of music perspectives” into video. In this project we can see different speeds of different layers and each one is corresponding to different layer in music!

Summer Holiday Travel After Effects Template suitable for your media opener, slideshow, presentation, portfolio, gallery and many more, Project is well organized and tutorial is also included.

Beautiful and colorful transitions in the video. The atmosphere of creativity and lightness. Motivating and inspiring music. All this creates the mood of this day.

Hi guys!
My nominations:
Great project by @steve314, music by @plastic3 :

And nice project by @Dimka4D:

Good luck to all!

Hello Everyone,
Cleanmindsounds created the sound specially for this animation I did, hope you like it>



My item is https://videohive.net/item/light-particles/15112403 - I wanted to create a relaxing and mellow sound for this kind of loop, where the video itself is aiming to create similar effect. The end outcome works quite well in my opinion.

Second item is https://videohive.net/item/ink-transitions-fcpx/19852756 - the energy and feeling of the music fits well with the style. They support each other in just the right way.