Went to Coldplay concert!

I’m not sure I’m doing a correct thing to open a new topic about this, but I have to share this because this day was so amazing as a musician. I wend to Coldplay concert 08/22/16 and still in emotions! It was so majestic! So, if anyone likes Coldplay as much as I do, please enjoy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qAVhmnt2loE


Awesome! Hoping to go see them here in Australia in December! :v:


Very nice !!! I hope go to in summer !)))

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Amazing energy! I like how straight rock band involve all this modern tools to sounding current. Coldplay and OneRepublic are one of them. Innovative sounding bands


Coldplay is the best! Thanks for posting!

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Coldplay Rocks. One of my favorite bands :slight_smile:

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