Well enough or again am I doing wrong?


This track can be non-profit, but I often hear a similar motif in the games.

Don’t hesitate , I argue several will not. I’m interested in the opinion.

In my opinion, this is better than last time! However, there are a few things that can improve your tracks.

The first track - I really like the motive in the first track, but the unchanging melody throughout the entire track is very boring. I would advise to diversify it, at least from the second square and further (I mean the main melody, and not the addition of new elements). I also advise you to pay attention to mixing - the track does not feel the base, a little bass - there must be felt groove, and I have the impression that I’m listening to your track from the speaker in the supermarket.

The second track is a very strange arrangement actually. I have long tried to understand what is wrong here, and I came to the conclusion that you used the typical instruments for corporate in a non-corporate arrangement (which is good, by the way), but this can negatively affect the opinion of the reviewer.
Here there are 2 options - almost completely change the tools used, and make a purely “electronic” track from this (it may turn out to be a good abstract), or completely change the arrangement to a more “standard” one. As well as in the first track, I advise you to pay attention to the mixing - also the base is not felt, a little bass + the kick is too allocated. But otherwise it sounds pretty clean and transparent, which is good.

In any case, I think that you are on the good way and I wish good luck :slight_smile:

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All took note. Thank you.

@AudioBlend @s-cheremisinov
Enhanced bass, diversified muted guitar, Pad lowered an Octave

P.S. I Love psycho - acoustics and standing waves! :pensive:

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