"Well Documented" Tag Being Abused

The well documented tag is being abused. I’ve purchased several themes on themeforest that are the opposite of well documented. Some very basic documentation is missing, like where to obtain page templates, or how to import demo data. I’m not sure how themes get this designation, but the process needs to be a lot more thorough. Is there any way to offload the validation of documentation onto a third party? For example, Envato can create documentation standards, and then allow a select group of third party software QA analysts to go through and ensure it actually meets Envato standards. I’m wondering, is the themeforest team is so busy that they’re unable to accurately validate documentation?

One recurring example I have is the Electro theme for wordpress by Madras. Its documentation is very poor. I have purchased two licenses to persuade the developer to make better documentation, but no luck yet. My current problem with this theme is that I’m unable to access any of the updated templates, even though I have 9 months support remaining. The new features from the update aren’t documented, so I cannot use them without guessing. There is no code in github for their new features, which they claim have been released, even though they have code for all previous features in github. I have encountered at least 11 times with this theme where I have waited several days for a developer to get back to me with an answer that’s extremely specific to how they’ve customized third party plugins, if they aren’t documenting this type of non-standard coding, then it’s impossible to use or troubleshoot the feature. It’s almost as if the developer has ensured purposefully that competent users must constantly pay to extend support to make the theme usable.

I feel bad for singling out one theme, as this is a widespread problem, but it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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