Welcome dear I want to buy an administrative system for my company Project management, appointments and crm

The company has customers in KSA and telesales in different countries. The application we need should have a means to be synchronized with our software that collects customer phone numbers from internet.
There is a central unit, which is connected to the Internet and a landline. It can open a call between the telesales and the customer… The telesales are connected to the Internet and the customers will be reached via the landline
The program should have the ability of controlling the UCM of grandstream central, it calls the customer, if he answers the call, it will direct the call to the telesales computer.

The application should monitor the telesales… Gives daily reports … How many hours he worked, how many customers he called, the rating after calls and so on.

… After the call finished, an application page should appear to the telesales. He will describe the call. Does the customer want to buy, if so, what are his interest And the success operations should be sent to the sales department on the application.
The sales will call the customer and finish the deal, then the application should transfer the deal to the engineers and technicians department to schedule a meeting.

[11:38 AM, 4/1/2020] M.Shafiee: The application should use the SMS feature of the UCM. In feast of festivals the company will send welcoming messages to their customers
The application will have a huge phonebook, which may excess millions of accounts. It will put a schedule and filter the phone numbers
The application will control the UCM to record calls and save them to a server
Provides a simple way to find recorded calls of each agent

Is this a serious request?

It would need custom building and cost tens of thousands of $ if not into 6 figures to do properly, let alone the potential maintenance costs.

It would require an agency team not a stock marketplace.

There must be call centre platforms out there focussed on this type of solution. I’d strongly suggest looking into that