Weirdest places you've found your music?



I’ve been chasing up my invoices to try and work out where my music’s been used and I came across one of my tracks on this German cooking page that makes gourmet snacks out of insects! Anybody else got any weird places their music’s turned up?

P.S. Here’s the video if you want to learn a good grasshopper recipe…


Someone licensed one of my tracks and just reposted it to youtube with a completely black video. 11 views so far, going strong.


nice one!:smile:


I sold a «Pop-Up» sound to a porn company. Since that day, I wonder in which scene it will eventually… erm… pop. :innocent:


Mime was probably used in a political campaign in Taiwan


You bring joy to people!


Haha… maybe a more joyful use than for a political campaign; I guess you’re right :wink: