Weird soft reject

This is very wired.

The reviewer is using Atom editor and for some reason the code is minified, I use sublime text, I tested with notepad ++ and notepad and the code is fine but on Atom is minified, what the heck can I do about this, have absolutely no idea…

I am surprised how an editor can minify a code where the original code is not minified. You should double check and let the reviewer know about it.

I did, I am actually testing on my computer, please watch this video.

What should I do about this?

Click “Yes” and check with Atom again. If it doesn’t work: Copy all the codes from Notepad++ and paste it at Atom then save.

It does not work and the problem is when I copy the text to atom is not formatted correctly, what the heck man this should not be my concern, I did not even know that this Atom editor exists.

SO even if I format it to look good on Atom it will look bad on any other editor.

What the heck man, what I am missing here.

PM one or two files, I will check.

In addition, the project is gone.

Apart from the software has been closed, it looks fine on my end.

Just tell the reviewer about the software has been discontinued, the issue is probably related to the software that you may need to re-install it.

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Thank you!

Thank you.

Now look at this one, in Sublime text it works good on Atom it looks like the code is commented, it makes no sense…