Weird referrals and clickthroughs drop in statistics

Recently I checked a specific stats regarding referrals and I noticed an issue.

Do check January and February referrals and clickthroughs


The drop is huge. Did any changes happen? I did notice once a forum post regarding some changes. But this is a huge drop.

I checked with a fellow author and the pattern in same.

Anyone else see’s this and is there an explanation?


Maybe a load more competition with all the referral competitions… only reason I can think of off the top of my head.

in a span of 2, 3 months? Doubtful in my book. By that score, competition should have doubled but from April on its steady again so…

I would actually just like to know if any changes were made to result in such numbers, if not, then I need to research further if I manage to find the reason if it’s not an Envato thing.