Weird reason for a Soft Rejection

Just uploaded a Print template. But got soft rejected. Have a look at the reviewer massage.

Rejection Details


Please remove the social media icons from the main files and the preview image.

Weird. Why do I have to do that? Any suggestion? Full image here -

Makes no sense, ask what is the reason for that. The only problem is the photo of a celebrities (remove that) and they did not say anything about it.

i removed the photo from the main file. this is just the preview.

how do I ask them? if i just don’t do anything and click for re-submission along with the question, is there any chance they are goin’ to hard reject it?

Remove photo from main and preview (not allowed) weird how they did not react to it. I do not know what could happen, better wait a bit maybe somebody knows more since this makes no sense.