Weekly Top Seller badge.

Happy surprise for me this morning as I have received “Weekly Top Seller” badge.
Many thanks to the customers.
One small question on the matter though, I can’t see so far my project on the " 2019’s Best Selling After Effects Templates - updated weekly" page.

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Right now popular page shows top items from previous week (14-20 Jan). It takes time to update them for a new one from current week (21-27 Jan). Sometimes page refreshes only on Tuesday. (But as I’m not follow popular item page for a long time, I could be wrong.)

Congrats! :+1::+1:

Yes I see it now on the updated list.
Thank you all.

Congrats !! I assume that’s a good start to a new year. More power and sales to you!

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Congrats! :slight_smile:

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