Weekly popular items for psd gone?

Is it just me or is it gone with the new UI Design section?

Thank you

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And if you click UI Design you get what? :slight_smile:

I just noticed now when I tried to see if their was new populars PSD.

Really Envato please make back the PSD popular page, why did you deleted it?

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Yeah, I am wondering where is UI Design Popular Files (At least we should have this category because now PSD and Sketch are in UI Category) :rage:

Currently, there isn’t any link available on site for viewing popular PSD files but you can try this: http://themeforest.net/popular_item/by_category?category=psd-templates

Interesting is that popular list on there has gone bezerk, everything is mixed as you can see. So the concept that popular list is holding up those humangus items is correct and if there weren’t any popular list or that popular list would be more section based everything would be different. Who knows what would happen if this would happen on wp :slight_smile:


We’ve also noticed this, today yesterday we logged in and noticed the Popular PSD files were gone! An like Anps said, when you click the “UI Design” link it will only show PSD templates with the word “Sketch” on it, instead of all the PSD and Sketch files. Please we need a fix for this and the Popular section back!

Interesting that there is no official answer yet :confused:

Is there any way to flag a comment for staff reply, like in the old forums?

Yep. Did that @Odin_Design

thanks @maartin ! :slight_smile:

Got a response from Staff: “Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it.”

Hi! any official updates about this? because we are reaching the end of another week but we still don’t see the popular files and we have 2 files with sales enough to reach the PSD top sellers of this week!

Still nothing on this?


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How is it that Envato hasn’t still fixed this or given us a proper response when it’s been almost a month since the problem started? We get being pacient, but this is ridiculous.
Now the UI Design link is linking only to the sketch templates, instead to both PSD and Sketch. So the made a change, but it’s still wrong.
Why are we paying 50±% of the price of our products to Envato when they can’t even fix something like this or don’t even bother at least to give us an update? This isn’t a minor problem, and could affect sales, so we please request an answer or at least an update on this issue.

It already affected sales and it mixed things up on there. But its a proof of concept that if all popular lists went down sales would be dramatically different.

@scottwills Hi Scott! could you please help us here? We don’t know how else to ask for this, seeing that we haven’'t had an official response for almost a month and it’s taking a toll on sales. We already have another item with enough sale to reach the top sellers and we’d hate to lose another week.
We’d appreciate any kind of information you can give us. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Hi @Odin_Design, Happy New Year! I just saw an internal conversation about this so it’s definitely something that we’re aware of. Sounds like once everyone’s back in the office in the new year, the right people involved with this area of the site will either try to explain what’s changed (and why) and/or address the feedback kindly shared in this thread. Sorry I can’t personally help further at this time but my recommendation at this time would be to hang tight until there’s an official response. Good feedback from everyone in this thread, we appreciate your time sharing it with us. :thumbsup:

Hi @scottwills Happy New Year and thanks for your quick response!